New Year New Content

Our blog has been pretty slow, but if you follow Blue Space on Instagram or Twitter, you should be up to speed with the growth of the label! But just to recap:

We finished off December strong with a single by Bela which can be found here. Pun intended.

January of 2019 was spent wrapping up Mellowgod's EP, and putting together a music video with our visuals director Daymian Mejia.

February featured a wonderful performance by Bela at the monthly Flee Market in Somerville, so wonderful, the amazing Sugar Woman invited us back to perform again in March for woman's month! If you missed both of them, you'll have plenty of opportunities to see Bela live in the coming months.

March was a big month, as the rollout for Mellowgod's EP initiated, and Bela performed in Lawrence for Soul Night - shoutout Billy!

April 5th - as I post the third and forth Mellowgod EP link - if you haven't clicked on it already - I urge you to give it a listen right here. And if you enjoy it in the slightest, slip it into your playlist, definitely tell your friends, or at the least give it a few extra spins!

April 6th - Bela was invited by The Greater Boston Artist Collective(GBAC) to perform at their lovely art show in Cambridge, where they had plenty of creatives set up shop. It was a great event, especially for networking, and if you weren't able to make it you should definitely make the next one!

And that should bring you up to speed, but I do have some additional plans and spoilers to share with you fantastic people.

So today is Saturday the 20th, and the Boston University Music Business Club is having a show at BU Central for their artists - Showcasing Bonnie Parker, with support from Bela! If you're reading this as I post it and you're looking for something to do on this fun 4/20 evening, I strongly suggest you stop by! And if it's post-4/20, then if you're reading this it's too late.

But not really.

There are talks of having a show in June, so if you missed any of Bela's performances so far this year, stay on the lookout! You might be able to catch Mellowgod performing at that same show ;)

Last but not least - and you heard it first here - Bela is working on yet another EP, and I can assure all you Bela fans out there that you will NOT be disappointed!

But that's all for now, and don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter to get all the latest updates on Mellowgod and Bela!